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Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair

• Written by Katie


Here at Lifeline24, we understand that falls are a huge concern for many older people. In fact, a 2019 survey by AgeUK revealed that 4.3 million older people listed falling as their top worry. Luckily, with a Lifeline fall detector or standard Lifeline pendant alarm, you can get help fast in the event of a fall.

When we think about falls, most of us probably worry about injuries such as fractures. However, it may surprise you to learn that a large proportion of falls in the UK each year are ‘non injury falls’ where no injury occurs. And yet various factors can mean that uninjured or frequent fallers spend long periods of time on the floor.

Worried About Falls?

If you worry about falling, you should definitely consider investing in a Lifeline alarm. With just the touch of a button, you can call for assistance in the event of an emergency. Our expert team are trained to respond quickly to every call, sending help directly to your home.

However, what if one of your emergency contacts is unable to lift you? In some of these cases, you might need to call an ambulance to help you back to your feet. This could involve a potentially lengthy wait. But what if there were a piece of simple equipment that could help you get back on your feet quickly, easily, and safely?

On behalf of our friends at Felgains, let us introduce the Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair.

Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair

The Raizer is a simple device that assembles around a fallen person and lifts them to a seated or semi-standing position. We think it could be a great investment for frequent fallers or those whose helpers might struggle to lift them up from the floor.

Benefits for you

The Raizer negates the need for people to lift you up from the floor manually. This can sometimes be an uncomfortable or even painful process if done without proper training.

It also means that you will never have to wait for paramedics to arrive if you aren't injured but need help getting back up after a fall.

What's more, it only takes one person to operate the Raizer Chair, so you won't need multiple people to come and help lift you. Your Lifeline emergency contacts will be able to manage independently.

Benefits for your helpers

Lifting a fallen person is a physically demanding task which can present a risk of back injury. The Raizer Chair does the work for you, significantly reducing the strain and risk to both the person lifting and the person being lifted. Therefore, your helper(s) can lift you safely and with confidence, knowing that they’re not hurting you or themselves.

Lifting a fallen person using the Raizer is quick and simple, making falls a considerably smaller interruption to everyone's day. The Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair helps you back up quickly and safely, letting you get on with the things that matter after a non-injury fall.

How to Order a Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair

If you think you could benefit from a Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair, click here to go to the Felgains website. From there, you can find out more about the Raizer and place an order when you're ready.


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