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Stay safe and healthy this winter

• Written by Thom


As Winter draws in we all start to notice the temperatures dropping and the days getting shorter. The end of the year can be a dangerous time for for older people, so it's important that we help the to stay safe and healthy this winter.

This time of year can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for most people, but for many older and vulnerable people the winter can pose a very real threat to their health and safety. These people can often find reassurance in having a personal alarm system, such as ours, in their home.

The Risks of Winter

There are a few key reasons why this time of year can be a risk to older people. The sharp drop in temperature can lead to health problems, often avoidable illnesses, that can have complications for the more vulnerable. In fact, it has been said that one older person dies every seven minutes from the cold winter weather here in the UK. Common illnesses diagnosed during winter include the norovirus, common cold and influenza.

If you have arthritis you may also experience higher levels of pain as the temperatures drop. The changes in air pressure and temperature can lead to increased stiffness and joint pain.

Rain, snow and ice all become common in the winter months and can greatly increase the chance of potentially fatal slips and falls. Black ice is particularly dangerous as it's harder to see, especially if you struggle with your balance.

The modern increase in isolation among the elderly can amplify these problems - making winter a very dangerous time. If you have an elderly neighbour or loved one, try your best to go and visit them. As the cold weather sets in, you elderly loved ones may require a little extra help!

Stay Safe with a Personal Alarm

In an age where isolation is a big problem for older people, a personal alarm can help them to stay connected - even in the colder months. It works through the user's telephone line: they wear a pendant which can be pressed whenever they require help.

In the event of a health emergency, our 24/7 Response Team can alert the emergency services very quickly. If the user should have a slip or a fall they can be secure in the knowledge that by pressing their pendant help will be on its way. One push of this button will send an alert to the Response Team who will then try and speak with the user over the alarm's loudspeaker system.

After assessing the situation the team member will call for your emergency contacts - usually family members, close friends and neighbours - before contacting the emergency services if they are required.

The personal alarm is an excellent remedy to the risks presented by the cold weather during the winter months. It really can help you or your elderly loved ones stay safe and healthy this winter.

For more information please give a member of our sales team a call for free on 0800 999 0400, or email your questions to info@lifeline24.co.uk.


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