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Telecare Services Association: Lifeline24 is a member

• Written by Josh

As well as winning entry into the Future50 business growth programme, Lifeline 24 is also a member of the Telecare Services Association (TSA).

This is a great thing, not only for ourselves as an elderly alarm provider but also for our customers and their families because it guarantees that you will receive the highest quality of service in such an important sector of healthcare.

This blog takes a look at the TSA to help show you who they are and why it makes Lifeline 24 the supplier to choose when looking for a personal alarm.

Telecare Services Association

TSA is the industry and standards body for telecare and telehealth services in the UK. It currently has over 350 members, with some of those coming from Europe.

The company is the only creator of a user-centred, quality standards for telecare and telehealth in the world and are created with the help of government and industry experts from the Department of Health.

Their main aim is to ensure that companies like Lifeline 24 provide the best service possible to their customers.

Why is this a good thing?

Being a member of TSA means Lifeline 24 must comply with their code of conduct which comprises of the following:

  • To act with integretiy in all business dealings
  • To treat suppliers, partners, customers and employees properly, and without discrimination.
  • Ensure healthy, safe and secure workplaces
  • To deliver legally compliant products and services
  • To compete fairly by prompting products and services in a fair, honest and balanced way, and not presenting competitors in an unfair light
  • Handle complaints promptly and courteously
  • To adopt environmentally sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint
  • To ensure that any sub-contractors used by Supply Members are bound by the terms of this code
  • On cessation of membership to immediately remove all references to TSA membership from websites, literature etc.

We must follow these guidelines, along with the standards set by the TSA at all times. Something that we do with ease on a day-to-day basis to ensure that all of our customers and their families are satisfied with their products and the communication that they have with ourselves at Lifeline 24.

Platinum Response Team

Lifeline24 is a member of the TSA, but our friendly Response Team has also received TSA Accredited for excellent work.

To achieve this prestigious title the team had to become accredited for a number of different modules associated with the TSA Code of Conduct and comply with the European Technical Specification for the services that they provide.

Thirdly, the Response Team had to achieve at least 97.5% of calls answered. With the answering time not exceeding the 60 second mark.

Receiving this title means that you can rely 100% on the Lifeline 24 Response Team to answer your calls for help – by pressing your emergency call button –  and act upon this depending on each situation, either by calling an emergency contact or the emergency services.

Lifeline 24 Alarms

You are in safe hands when you have a personal alarm installed in your home from Lifeline24. Purchasing and setting-up your alarm couldn’t be easier.

There are three different options to choose from; A Monthly Plan, an Annual Plan, or a Lifetime Plan. Details of each price plan can be seen on our products page.  Simply pick the one most suited to your financial background and you will receive your alarm the next working day. Free of charge!

Once your device arrives simply follow the instructions provided by plugging the alarm into your main telephone socket. Before plugging your telephone into our telephone adapter.

Following a test run with our Response Team, you can choose to wear the pendant around your wrist or neck.

Take a look at our Lifeline 24 Reviews to see what a great addition one of our personal alarms will be to your home, and the amazing customer service you will receive by Lifeline 24.

This article was originally published on January 12th, 2016, and updated on June 24th, 2021 to reflect current information.

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