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The Lifeline GO

As we get older, falls can become a serious concern. Statistics show that falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths and hospital admissions among older adults. For peace of mind, look no further than the GO Personal Alarm. The GO GPS alarm uses the latest technology to give you access to 24/7 help and support, wherever you are.

How does the Lifeline GO work?

The GO GPS Alarm is an exciting development in Lifeline technology. For the first time, alarm users can enjoy the same protection and peace of mind at home and on the go, with a single powerful device. Featuring a GPS locator and two discreet wearing attachments, the GO is the perfect solution for anybody who wants peace of mind in their day-to-day routine.

Unlike a traditional alarm, the GO GPS is not reliant on a landline telephone connection. Instead, it can connect to the mobile phone network and call through to our Emergency Response team wherever you are. This means that you can carry on living independently with total peace of mind. Whether you are popping to the shops. meeting up with a friend, or visiting family, you can enjoy the protection of a Lifeline alarm no matter where you go.

No one should have to sacrifice their independence as they get older. The GO GPS Alarm is the perfect way for older people and those with disabilities or long term medical conditions to stay safe while out and about.

To call for help with the GO GPS Alarm, simply press and hold both buttons on the front and back of the device. A red light will flash around the edge of the device to let you know that the alarm has been raised successfully. Within seconds, our 24/7 Emergency Response Team will answer the call. They will communicate with you via the built-in speaker and microphone, in order to assess the situation. While this is happening, the GPS locator in the GO GPS will automatically send your location to the Response Team. Our team will then send help directly to your precise location. This will usually mean calling one or more of your emergency contacts to assist you (these are relatives, close friends, or neighbours that you choose when you set up your alarm). In addition, if it is a medical emergency, our team will also call 999 and pass on any relevant information (such as your location and any medical conditions) to paramedics.

24/7 Monitoring
GPS Location
Water & Dust Resistance
IP67 Water and Dust Resistant
Charging Frequency
1 - 2 Months (With low battery announcement)
Wireless Charging
Wearing Option
Hypoallergenic chain Keychain attachment
Flight mode
Handsfree Speakerphone

Simple Setup

The GO GPS is produced by Chiptech, a leading Telecare manufacturer, and is full of the latest technology. Not only are GPS alarms modern and discreet, they are also amazingly easy to use and simple to set up.

Step 1.

Charge the device using the included wireless charging station

Step 2.

Check that the alarm is on and ready to use

Step 3.

Press and hold the SOS buttons to test your new personal alarm.

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