Joining the Lifeline Personal Alarm Service is quick and simple

Step 1

Place your Lifeline order online or over the telephone and receive your new alarm the very next day!

Step 2

Connect the Lifeline alarm to your phone socket and a power supply and press the red button to test.

Step 3

Lifeline 24 will answer and help you test your setup whilst ensuring we have your correct details.

Step 4

All set! If you need help day or night press the pendant and our care team will answer immediately.

How does the Lifeline alarm service work?

The Lifeline Alarm service works using the Lifeline Vi Alarm base unit and wearable MyAmie Pendant.

  • Pendant can be worn either on an elasticated strap around the wrist or a discreet cord around the neck

  • Waterproof for use in the bath or shower

  • Alarm range of up to 100 metres

  • Small, lightweight and durable – designed to last for 7 years without ever needing a battery replacement


Who is the Lifeline alarm service for?

The Lifeline Alarm and Pendant is specifically designed for the following users, anywhere in the UK:

  • The elderly, frail or disabled

  • People living alone and at risk of falling or in need of reassurance

  • People suffering from dementia, epilepsy, heart disease or domestic violence

“Care homes are not for me. I love the independence that Lifeline24 gives me with peace of mind for my family.”
– Maria, Stevenage


Join our personal alarm service for just 33p per day!

More and more people are joining our Lifeline service every day because for just 33p a day we offer:

  • Immediate 24/7 support, 365 days a year, from a TSA platinum accredited provider.

  • The lowest cost private Telecare service available in the UK.

  • Peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

  • Increased independence and security without intrusion.


TSA Platinum Accredited Care Team

Should you need help and press your Lifeline Alarm Pendant, one of our highly trained response staff will answer the call straight away. The Care Team will talk to you through the alarm base unit to determine the level of response that you need. Our friendly staff will pass relevant information to paramedics should we need to call them. This may include medical history, allergies and important prescriptions to ensure that customers receive the best possible medical care when help arrives.

Recommended by Healthcare Professionals

Our Personal Alarm service is continually recommended by professional carers, occupational therapists, nurses and doctors throughout the UK, who demand a reliable tele care service for their patients. We welcome orders from family or friends who wish to buy a Lifeline Pendant Alarm for loved ones to improve their independence and allow them to stay in their own home.

Don’t forget a key safe!
If we need to call a paramedic, how will they get in?

A key safe is a secure metal box that can be attached to the exterior wall of a property. Inside, the owner keeps a spare key to their home. On the front of the key safe is a panel used for entering a code. The key safe can only be opened by someone who knows the programmed code.
Key safes are particularly useful for elderly or disabled people using a Lifeline alarm and pendant. In an emergency situation we can provide the paramedics with the key safe details before they even arrive at the scene, allowing them to gain access to the property immediately without causing any damage. The minutes, or even seconds, saved in a situation like this can mean everything.

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“I heard about Lifeline on Radio 2 and as my mum lives in Stockton and I’m 100 miles away, it was just the perfect soution.” – Jennifer Bolton, in Huddersfield

“I put off getting a Lifeline for a while because I thought it was just an alarm for an old person and being 31, I didn’t think I needed one! I am so content now I have one because if I do have a fit, help is there.” – Kerrie Lumley, in Wiltshire

“Our Lifelines are a god send. June fell in the garden when I was at the doctors. She pressed her SOS Necklace and our daughter arrived within 10 minutes.” – Mr & Mrs Ashton, in Norwich

“When I got ill, I was afraid to be at home alone. My medical alarm really boosted my confidence. Thank you so much Lifeline” – Florence Piper, in Cardiff

“My Uncle’s Lifeline24 alarm has helped him stay in his home for much longer than would otherwise be possible. The people on the other end of the loudspeaker are so reassuring and patient.” – Connie Woods, in Cornwall

“I ordered my dads Lifeline online and it arrived the next day as promised. The whole process was very simple and straightforward.” – Mr. Mullins, in Harrogate

Lifeline Case Study – Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson, from Norfolk, purchased a personal alarm from Lifeline24 due to the concerns of his son and his closest friend.

Since the alarm was installed Peter’s self-confidence has been given a real boost and he says that not only has his worries disappeared, but he also feels so much safer with the system in his home.

Lifeline home alert systems for the elderly provide peace of mind for the whole family. Peter’s son will vouch for that!

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